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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Core brand values of biodiversity

"Biodiversity is the spark of lifë", says Barry Gardiner on BBC. He writes about the values of biodiversity and how they seem less compelling to the media and the public than the issue of climate change. "Every form of life on this planet stands not on its own but is supported by, and supports, other living things.Lose one species and you lose a vital part of some ecosystem. That means you lose not just a plant or an insect but a service: you lose the medicine that comes from that plant; you lose the pollination of crops which that insect provides." Harriet Nimo made me aware of this article and sent me the image of the values of biodiversity (click on it to read), made by photographer Niall Benvie. It reminded me of my presentation for the IUCN SSC Steering Committee in Abu Dhabi. Are we getting closer to the core brand values of biodiversity?

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