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Sunday 22 December 2013

Think like a marketer: What advertising can teach about changing consume...

From the perspective of working in the private sector, Eric Phu discusses how marketing and advertising can be used to effectively change behavior in Asia.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Ten principles and values of a consultant

Since many years when asked what I do for a living, I answer that I am an environmental  consultant, specialized in communication. Many of my colleagues focus on a specific discipline, e.g. branding, advertizing, facilitation or PR. I offer advice on all stages of the management cycle, always from the perspective of strategic communication, processmanagement and learning. I am not interested to become the best in my trade or to make a lot of money. I love to concentrate on results that make a difference to the client and to nature or sustainable development. In the plane a young professional asked me what my professional values were. I shared with him these ten principles and values that guide my work:
  1.     .   Love nature. Love people.
  2.       . Know your qualities and your limitations.
  3.       . Focus on the issue behind the question.
  4.       . Be humble and customer oriented.
  5.       . Always keep learning, view everyone as your teacher.
  6.       . Publicize the success of your clients.
  7.       . Dream the future, that will inspire others.
  8.       . Be honest and transparent and ask that from others too.
  9.       . Listen to your (ex) customers and their stakeholders to see what cannot be seen. 
  10.     Work hard, do not complain and give the credits to others.

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Saturday 14 December 2013

We are all curious. Creative. Connected. We are part of a larger story. One that is still unfolding. 

These are the first lines of a compelling learning tool about nature, interdependence and the complex context of our human condition. A learning tool developed by Macquarie University a must read for everyone who wants to know where do we come from and where are we heading? It provides a sound basis for education about conservation and sustainable development.