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Saturday 24 January 2009

Communication without words (2)

My new year's greetings Naturally Less Words and More Music, triggered even more response than last year’s. “Are this your hands?” "Music carries the meaning of the words itself “. “I could not have agreed more”. “I have started this year with more music and less words. So your wish has already become a reality”. “Keep up the playing, and the serious work as well!” Others sent their own images about communication without words. This Vietnamese gouache is one of them. I wrote back what it triggered in my mind: the two seem to communicate about mindfulness and nature. Cleaning up your mind and life. Understanding and being receptive of the laws of nature: What behavior to develop and what actions to avoid.

In return the sender made me aware of her own observations. Not the content of the dialogue but the difference between the two creatures: “one with external protection and another one with an internal one”. This made me think of the turtle’s behavior as driven by genetics and natural instinct. And the sage reflecting how long and what it takes for sentient beings to see reality as it is, be compassionate and become enlightened. One of the Jataka stories tells of a previous life of the Buddha, when he was a large sea turtle and saved sailors from drowning after their ship was wrecked. He brought them ashore and then seeing their hunger, offered his body for food. Maybe they are sharing this story. Both with a smile of their own.

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