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Friday 16 January 2009

The case of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago

What can communication do to avoid negative perceptions and generate positive support? My student from Croatia describes the case or a marine reserve that was established top down and now has to face opposition from local stakeholders. This was my feedback on her communication strategy.
Good: Your plan is concise and I like the idea of backcasting of a case that really happened and that provides you with the opportunity to see what you would have done differently. The first is that you integrated communication in the activities to establish the PA. And that you assumed that the ministry would be willing to accept the outcomes of a participatory process. This is crucial. And mostly cost quite some time to sell such an approach internally. Your communication plan shows that you know and have understood the basics of the theory of stakeholder involvement.
To improve: To make your plan really work and to show the decision makers how the meetings provide the results promised in the communication plan, it is important to think much more through the details of the process of the various meetings and through the psychology of the various stakeholders, such as fishermen, tour operators etc., who have to change. That would give more detailed ideas how to structure your meetings. It also may make time planning and budget more realistic.

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