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Friday 16 January 2009

My own valley: a protected area?

One of my students describes the participatory planning process she designed to establish a protected area in the valley where she lives. This is my feedback on her paper.
Good: You describe the interventions as participation aspects of change management. You are concise and to the point. The situation analysis gives the bigger picture. Your stakeholder analysis describes the target groups as ‘people of flesh and blood’ and diagnoses as first need the building of trust and identifying opinion leaders. Involvement you plan through joint fact finding. You invest time in jointly identifying opportunities and barriers for change. You recognize the power of stories (word of mouth) in communication and understand that you engage in a process that can only partially be planned in advance. What I like most is that you have used your own experiences and your own words. You avoided jargon and still you are theoretically correct.
To improve: You have to think more through the management aspects of the process in terms of time and money, otherwise it will be difficult to interest the decision makers to give you the 100.000 euro budget you ask for. For such a process you may start with a feasibility study of 10.000 euro and then specify the rest of the budget on the basis of this first exercise.

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