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Sunday 30 December 2007

Intergenerational Partnerships

Intergenerational Partnerships for Sustainable Development offer a model for collaboration, exchange of ideas and experiences, and action between people of all ages. The model focuses on sustainability while bridging differences in values.
Its added value is:
• Enhanced decision-making
• Fill the gap between different generations
• Sustain the values in society and allow flexibility for change
• Achieve intergenerational equity.

Intergenerational partnerships can take the following forms:
• pairs of individuals from different generations in a mentor/mentee relationship
• young people interning in NGOs or with governments
• networks / organizations from different generations co-managing sustainable development and peace building projects
• young people being included within NGO and/or country delegations in global governance processes on sustainability
• supporting young people to engage in pertinent scholarship and providing a platform for disseminating and applying their research
• youth organizations consulting and working in collaboration with elders on projects, programs, etc.

This in a nutshell is the outcome from a workshop during the Tiblisi+30 ICEE in Ahmedabad. The Youth Initiative from Earth Charter is planning to draft a resolution on this issue to be adopted by the IUCN World Conservation Congress in October 2008.

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Dominic Stucker said...

Thank you, Frits, for posting this entry on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainable Development (IPSD). Your participation in our workshop and support is greatly appreciated.

I also wish to extend my gratitude to the 50 IPSD workshop participants who helped launch this initiative by creating the first draft of the Framework for IPSD at the ICEE conference in India. They came from 21 different countries, were gender balanced, and were of all ages.

Finally, I am appreciative of the support I have received from our Coordination Team: the Global Youth Action Network, TakingItGlobal, Peace Child International, and Youth Action for Change.

We are committed to forming a robust Alliance for Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainable Development and bringing our Framework to the IUCN General Assembly for consideration as a Resolution. (We are currently developing an interactive Wiki page for these purposes, to be made available here.)


Dominic Stucker
Earth Charter International