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Tuesday 4 December 2007

Networking for change

After ten years of civil war with Maoist guerillas, peace has been restored in Nepal. The absolute monarchy has been abolished. Notwithstanding the many political problems that still exist, new opportunities for sustainable development present themselves. 17 members of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) thought this is the time to use the CEC network to contribute to positive change. After the summer they started meeting and formed a planning committee. They identified many challenges: the need to revise the school curricula. The need solve the huge waste, water and energy problems. The need to halt the massive practices of illegal logging and wildlife trading.

Knowing I was attending the Tiblisi+30 Conference, they took the opportunity to invite me. They wanted to brainstorm further, talk about CEC and let me do a public talk (photo above). As they all represent different networks, they now consider to enter into partnership with one of the Nepalese universities, private sector and NGOs to set up a regional Centre of Excellence for Education for Sustainable Development (RCE). The IUCN Country office will help. They also will use the CEC network to try to find a Norwegian partner for a global warming campaign in Nepal. Their idea is to use the networks of community extentionists in gender and health issues. Two charismatic CEC members lead the networking: Arzhu Rana Dewa (on the right of the photo below) and Mangal Man Sakya.

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