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Tuesday 4 December 2007

PR and distribution strategy

Over 600 copies of the CEPA toolkit were distributed through the IUCN Commission on Education and Education (CEC) booth in the exhibition area of the Tiblisi+30 conference. The booth was very strategically situated and from far you could recognize the CEC logo and posters. Every day during lunch and tea breaks – when most participants roam the exhibition - I made sure there were about 50 CDs to take away displayed on the table. A short announcement - hand written on paper - explained about the CEPA toolkit website. It stated that educators from the North easily can download the material from It continued that the CDs were especially made for those participants from countries where it is difficult to access internet and download large files. Another announcement invited visitors to leave their card or write their address on a list when they wanted more information about the toolkit or CEC. Over a hundred visitors left their names and address.

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