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Thursday 23 April 2009

Briefings of facilitators and resource people

Clarity about objectives, a proper preparation and investing in ownership are success factors for a good workshop. The briefing is key. “Could you imagine preparing a three-hours session on strategic communication for sustainable development for a group of 10-15 participants to be run twice during the ‘training’ day (morning and afternoon) of our 4-day workshop?” Of course I had said: “yes!”. But until the last minute I had little clarity about the target group, the real issue and the objectives of the workshop. When I was contacted first I should have been more assertive and have used my checklist briefings to ask the right questions. The training sessions went all right, but in the end it was clear that the organizers had a different idea about communication objectives and strategy than I had: e.g. on the day after the training session they lead the group in action planning, asking them to define first messages and then look at target groups. Finally a next time I would advise them to give more time to develop ownership. You earn this time more than back through increased interest and motivation.

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