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Tuesday 26 August 2008

Success factors for a good briefing

Most clients who use the services of an advertiser, designer or video-maker often run into the frustration of expectations that are not met. E.g. creative concept and design are not in line with the core message the client wants to communicate. The root cause of this frustration often is that there was no proper briefing. Success factors for a good briefing are:
1. Make the briefing an interactive process between client and consultant as two equal parties. Take enough time. The success is in the preparation.
2. Focus the first interaction on the vision, mission, brand, objectives and market positioning of the project or organization of the client.
3. Make explicit the expectations of both client and consultant and agree on a common outline, and a procedure with milestones for feedback.
4. See the role of the client as the overall strategist and the role of the consultant as the expert in the field of media. Stay in those roles!
5. Focus the next interaction on a first rough scenario or design and explore together to what extent that fits into the conclusions from the first meeting. Only then formulate terms of reference and a contract.

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