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Wednesday 27 August 2008

Communication Training - demand side

Ramsar managers of regional governments in Spain struggle with networking, public participation and strategic communication. A demand articulation survey I did for a training workshop shows that they have in particular a range of questions about the administration, the audiences, the impact and the process.

Administration - how to
integrate participatory approaches into governmental procedures?
ensure enough time and resources for public participation?
guarantee cooperation of other government departments?
avoid duplication with other projects?
deal with conflicting government policies and practices?
deal with the legal aspects of public participation?

Audiences - how to
deal with audiences that have no interest in conservation at all?
deal with conflicts of interests among stakeholders?
guide participation of both citizens and political decision makers?
work with other sectors and their decision makers?
deal with audiences that consider themselves as superior?
get participation of private sector, agriculture, real estate developers?

Impact on wetlands - how to
frame biodiversity as an issue that needs an urgent response?
link participation with conservation objectives?
plan participation in a way that it solves specific wetland issues
change behaviour?
measure impact of participation?
design processes that have a sustained positive impact?

Process - how to
deal with different levels of knowledge and expertise?
work interdisciplinary?
use new media tailored to the audiences, e.g. youth or private sector?
generate interest and motivation?
network effectively?
plan a communication strategy?
choose the right social instruments?

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