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Friday 14 March 2008

A simple communication strategy

Strategic communication can help to realize management objectives. The NGO, I am helping, wants to organize a workshop in partnership with a large international organization. The NGO is not known. We have no contacts. Our strategy is to get invited to one of their expert meetings and use the opportunity to organize the help of intermediaries. Through contacts in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs we arrange to meet their focal point over lunch at the meeting. If he is is interested he can arrange for the cooperation of the permanent represenative to make the official request. During the coffee break we introduce ourselves and talk to key staff of the international organization to make sure that once the request comes in, it gets the proper attention for timely decision making. After lunch the permanent representative is briefed. We leave the meeting with the task to draft a letter for the Permanent Representative to bring the initiative to the attention of the International Organization.

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