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Sunday 16 March 2008

Core brand value of biodiversity

How do we communicate biodiversity more effectively? A few weeks ago I suggested to go beyond the usual species approach. Wiebke Herding came up with the idea of a hierchy of engagement. That idea has been bugging me ever since. I am not so sure whether there is a linear or step by step engagement hierarchy. I think the key is defining a core brand value for biodiversity. I like the brand developed for COP 9 in Bonn: interdependence. If we keep the concept of interdepence in mind in our biodiversity communication, it may stick with people. By watching, studying or familiarizing themselves with species or ecosystems they may come to understand what interdependence really means. What it means for the state of biodiversity, for human well being or for development. They may come to understand that no single species - including us - can exist on its own. That in fact all nature is reflected in a single species. Being mindful of interdependence may become the guide our actions.

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