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Sunday 9 March 2008

How to create word of mouth?

Invest in creating positive word of mouth is my advice. How, asks my client. Strategic communication is like music: it starts with an idea of the composer. He works it out. Then it is performed. Your head of communication is the composer. He listens to the objectives of your program or policy. Asks many questions and makes the composition. You as CEO are the conductor - you choose to play the composition, you interpret it and make your organization play it. The composer is there to advise you. The instruments are your recent research results, your website, your networking, seminars, brochures, free publicity in mass media, etc. Some of your staffs have a solo, some parts are played together. It is all team work. And - mind you - every staff is a musician in your orchestra. Not just the people in the communication unit. I use a visual to explain explain the composition. To show how communication can support knowledge to have impact on policy I formulate the intended communication residue with the audience for each different intervention.

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