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Wednesday 9 May 2007

Blogging with humour

Ricardo Carvalho is a long serving member of CEC. He is a journalist and TV producer. Not just that - he is a real artist of positive change. Ricardo always has helped CEC to gain visibility for CEPA through TV and video: e.g.during two World Conservation Congresses, during the World Parks Congress and during the Conferences of the Parties to CBD. We all came to know and love him because of his humour and his craftmanship. I specially have good memories as we worked closely together on quite a few projects. Recently he started the Brazilian Ethical Market.This portal not only provides information through editorials, but also contains short videos with inteviews and films. I like his interview with Al Gore.

Recently Ricardo added a video blog to the site. He knows I love music. Almost any music. When we worked together in Rio de Janeiro, he showed me the bar where Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes wrote the Girl of Ipanema. We both like to enjoy a beer listening to local artists. So it won't surprise him that I also very much appreciate his video blog about cultural diversity as element of sustainable development. In this blog Paulistas show that Beethoven and samba can go hand in hand. Music brings people together whatever their background. Anyone has a similar example?

The blog also shows that Ricardo has not lost his sense of humour. His latest addition shows the power of humour to raise awareness for the environment. Awareness in ten seconds of suspense and fun. I immediately thought how nice it would be to use this video when you start a lecture on the issue. Who knows of more of such examples?


Anonymous said...

Yes, lovely work! Ricardo and you are doing a great job on communicating environmental questions in an informative and charming way.
Congratulations to both of you.
Frits, just to clear it up: Brazilian sound is not salsa, it's SAMBA ;)
Cheers from Brazil,
Mercedes Sanchez

Frits Hesselink said...

Thanks for the compliment and the corection. I must have been to fast and careless reading the text. I will correct the mistake immediately and change salsa into samba!

Anonymous said...

Frits, my dear friend, as you know, the fact that I can't express my self in english a nice way - bothers me a lot!! But I would like to express all my joy for what I saw in your blog. What can I say, besides thank you very much!! Greetings, Ricardo