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Thursday 28 March 2013

Learning to be social

Social learning is also learning to be social. Mastering a skill, a technique or other content is a process of social learning. I experienced that through learning music and playing together you also learn to be social. You learn to listen to each other. To share the joy of makling it sound good. To realize the right timing together. To build up some suspense together. You see from each other's faces when to start a new phrase, how it develops, what to de next. You learn to communicate without words. Developing empathy and emotional intelligence. With the passing of the years my father and I started playing together again. I had come to understand that making music together was often much better than trying a social conversation. And a few years ago before his passing away, when my father could not hear anymore the high tones and switched from violin to viola, I made an effort to play the Mozart duos for violin and viola, and really practiced hard to be technically able do my social duty. He loved it. Said: "you became a very handy grabbler!" From my side double social learning!

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