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Thursday 6 November 2008

Framing assigment for a case study

Mainstreaming means change interventions focused on nature and on the social environment.This morning groups are reporting back from the field trip to Nariva Swamp. The assignments were rather focused on the technical content of change: biodiversity conservation, climate change impact, climate change response, livelihoods. In general most reporting focused on what is not working and I am wondering to what extent that has to do with framing the assignment. Suppose they were asked to explore what had changed positively in nature and society during the last few years. From the literature I tried to describe the positive change (see matrix), even if it is clear that there are still many difficulties and conflicts to be solved.


Unknown said...

Sorry I took so long to respond. Blogs are blocked on the office internet and of course i keep forgetting when I come home in the evenings.
I absolutely love the more positive approach to the Nariva issues. Its important to build on the positive and reinforce them while trying to deal with what has not worked and address the problems. Its still too early to tell of successes in the traditional way that we would like to measure them...., but these little incremental shifts are what need to sustain us for the long haul and in difficult times we may need to trot them out to give us the energy to continue, or just to stop and take stock, not losing sight of the positives that may have brought us to this point and the goodwill built up by those positive interactions. And while some of these positives can be measured, the goodwill exists on a different scale. but as at the workshop when we discussed the personal relationships with press, CEPA FPs and with people generally, its the personal contact that opens up the dialogues and stories that we tell each other. And we need to tell each other and be reminded of the changes and shifts that do take place.
Thanks for sharing that, it does provide another approach for some of the work that we have been doing, and I will keep it at the back of my head as we go forward, or rather front of my head.

Will also check out the IUCN commission on communication and education- I hope this is not one of these memberships that have to be renewed annually - in which case I will constantly be lapsing as with WCPA.
Thanks for the workshop and was really good meeting you too

Frits Hesselink said...

Dear Robyn,
Thanks for your mail and posting. Apologies for the delay in answering you. I very much appreciate the time you took to have a look at my posting and your positive reaction. I indeed believe that transformational change are processes that are not easy and often take a lot of time. From your reaction I take it that one of the results so far is that local stakeholders changed from a hostile or negative attitude towards the personnel of conservation institutions into a much more neutral or even appreciative attitude. This means that some basic conditions in the social sphere are created for working on next steps.

If you have concrete suggestions for the text in the matrix, please let me know. As to IUCN CEC, yes the membership is for four years (same for WCPA). Shall I ask Cecilia Nizzola to send you an invitation to become member in January? I look forward to your reaction.

Kind regards,