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Wednesday 6 August 2008

Positive change in Boč, 5 years later

It is five years after the project effective communication for biodiversity conservation was closed. I want to see what is really left of our interventions. Simone Kaligaric drives us to the Boč mountain meadow in Slovenia. She explains that the project not only solved the problem of visitors trampling the Pulsatilla grandis. But that since 2002 the 1st May event is every year managed more effeciciently by the municipality. The community now really takes care of the site. A few years ago even the hunters association decided to turn the adjacent corn field they owned into grassland. They were afraid that the fertilizer they use for the corn, may harm the soil of the Pulsatilla. Another story of a negative trend that has turned into a positive one. "It changed my professional life", Simona says. "Leaving my desk and interacting with the people in the field, makes my life definitely more complicated, but also much more succesful."

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