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Saturday 17 May 2008

Changing lifestyle = caring what we eat!

To conserve biodiversity we need transformational change. Also in our own lifestyle. You are what you eat. So why not start there? Especially since there is more biodiversity visible inside the supermarket, than outside. Most of this biodiversity is there in the company of a heavy ecological footprint. And many articles on the shelves are made from the basic food supply of people in biodiversity rich countries (corn, rice, etc.). While these people take to the streets to protest rising food prices, West European governments think of policies to counter the effects of a population (especially youth) eating too much: diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc. Do we actually know what we eat? Do we know where it comes from? Do we know what it means for other people? Why don’t we care what we eat? Michel Pollan writes about our Western food habits and their implications in the Omnivore Dilemma. It definitely changed the way I used to think about the politics and pleasure of eating. Now the question is how to market our grandmother's cuisine when the question arises: what do we have for dinner tonight?

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