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Friday 23 May 2008

Biodiversity Day: a picnic to raise awareness

The "Pan-European Biodiversity Picnic" aims to bring together leaders in government, private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders for a pleasant picnic in nature every year on 22 May, International Biodiversity Day. In addition to some seasonal fruits from extensive, organic orchards what else is needed for making the Picnic a success in your country? Commitment from an institution or organisation, which can mobilise stakeholders and devote some capacities for the organisational tasks. High-level representatives of various stakeholders, who are attracted to the Picnic both by the importance of the issue and the content of the picnic basket. A nice place in nature, which can be a scenic place for a friendly gathering. Preferably nice weather.
The picnic organized by CEE and Countdown 2010 on Biodiversity Day in Bonn was a good experience. You want to read more click here.


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You can see further reports and pictures about the Biodiversity Picnic organised in other Pan-European countries in 2008:

We hope that more and more countries will join this Pan-European campaign!

Klara Hajdu, CEEweb for Biodiversity