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Friday 4 April 2008

100 Million Mantras and a Poisoned Arrow

On his blog Haroldo Castro shares his impressions of activities of the Tibetan community in Nepal in support of their kinsmen in Tibet. He attends a session of monks and nuns reciting mantras. He meets with the reincarnation of the former tutor of the previous Panchen Lama and hears the story, how the tutor prevented the murder of the second most respected Lama in Tibet by declaring that he, and not the Panchen Lama, wrote the 70.000 character petition. In this 1962 petition - framed in the purest of Communist jargon - the Panchen Lama appeals to the Chinese Leadership to change the policy of sinization in Tibet. There were only three hand written copies in Chinese and Tibetan. One was smuggled out of China and is published in the late nineties. Even today this lengthy document is worth reading if one wants to understand the difference between how the Tibetans and the Chinese leadership perceive the issue of Tibet. When Mao framed the report as 'A poisoned arrow shot at the Party by reactionary feudal overlords', the Panchen Lama was arrested, imprisoned for twenty years and subjected to 'thamzing' or class struggle. His current reincarnation and is the world's youngest political prisoner , has been held incommunicado, under house arrest by the Chinese authority, at a secret location. For more blogs on Tibet click here.


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