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Monday 21 April 2008

Stones that tell of a society shaped by its environment

Nature experiences mostly are linked with silence. Silence that touches the soul. A mind without the chatter of endless thoughts popping up becomes peaceful. A feeling of being part of a vast system of grasses, trees, bees, clouds etc. strengthens our soul. Recently I walked along the beach. The ebb tide was really low and I thought I saw on a sand bank the rests of the submerged Roman Nehalennia temple. Not so much a soul experience. But recognizing the meaning of environment. Learning how society is shaped by it. How we are part of it. Eloquence in Stone is a story in stone, that of Sri Lanka's rich heritage through the ages. It is a story of the art and craft, architecture, sculpture and painting of our people, a pictorial narration of a world shaped by its environment. CEC member Jinie Dela draw my attention to this book. You can order it by writing to:

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