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Saturday 16 February 2008

Effective presentation: an example

To prepare the public for CBD COP 9 the German Government brands biodiversity as: One nature – one world – our future. Key messages are: All species are interdependent. If we destroy one species we endanger many more. In the end it is us the endangered species. After showing the commercial for COP 9, the video continues to show in four minutes my power point presentation on what we can learn from this example. Being short, concise and a bit provocative keeps the attention of the over a hundred scientists in this meeting. What works in communication is to be simple and personal:
• One liners
• Beyond jargon
• May not cover all aspects, but resonate with people’s emotions & values.

In communication the reality is that you must take into account people’s perceptions. How can we apply these lessons to ‘selling’ species or the IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups? A first attempt to brand SSC: All nature in a single species! A first attempt to formulate messages - about the added value of SSC - that resonate: The essence of nature/biodiversity is interdependence. Through in-depth study of a species we come to understand what interdependence really means. This knowledge provides indicators on the state of nature/biodiversity and it provides vital information for human wellbeing and development.

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