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Thursday 31 January 2008

Need to reposition biodiversity?

Biodiversity – in the perception of the public - mostly relates to species. Loss of biodiversity has no personal impact. Conservation of biodiversity is first and foremost a moral obligation. These are some of the outcomes of the Gallup Poll from November 2007. At the request of the EU Gallup interviewed in each of the 27 EU countries 1000 citizens. The report concludes i.a. that 65% of EU citizens do not know what is biodiversity. Citizens indicate that their main sources of information on biodiversity are TV and internet. If we want to inform people about the interdependence of species, ecosystems, and genetic diversity and the dependence of humankind on biodiversity, we need to review our current information on TV and internet and go beyond the power of wildlife imagery (photos and films). This might be an interesting issue for the communication workshop ‘Beyond jargon’ planned for the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

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Wiebke Herding said...

I would guess that there's a hierarchy of engagement on biodiversity which could look like this:
1. Appreciation of charismatic megafauna abroad (panda etc.)
2. Appreciation of charismatic ecosystems abroad (rainforest etc.)
3. Appreciation of local green spaces (gardens, parks etc.)
4. Appreciation of landscapes/ecosystems/protected areas
5. Appreciation of biodiversity as a system (including its interconnections and services)