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Thursday 3 January 2008

CEPA toolkit: decline in use

How was the website with the text of the CEPA toolkit used in 2007? The graphics cover the period from 1 May to 4 December 2007. There were 4.500 visits; 8.500 pages were viewed and 21 gigabytes were downloaded. Compared to similar websites the decline in use is apparent. E.g. the Sport for Development toolkit shows no decline in use and has over the same period ten times more visitors and page views. But it had half the number of gigabytes in downloads. The differences probably indicate that downloading the text of the toolkit was the main use. To better service users, the website at least needs an option to navigate directly to individual checklists and fact sheets. I hope in 2008 we can find the funds to upgrade the website, so that it can answer specific ‘how-to-questions’. Users have asked for such improvements in their feedback.

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