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Wednesday 8 August 2012

E-learning & demand articulation

Need for new knowledge is often the result of a gap analysis between current and desired knowledge. Once we – as experts - see a need for new knowledge among a professional group, this does not mean that the users in this group automatically feel that they need to update their knowledge. They may think that their current knowledge and practices are perfectly adequate. Demand articulation is the process in which we try to clear up the characteristics of new knowledge and knowledge products that are important from the user perspective. The result of demand articulation is a definition of the appropriate content, the packaging into the right tools, accompanied by the right incentives. It prevents that publications stay on the shelf, that nobody shows up for a training or logs into an e-learning course. The way to articulate demand is by listening to users (through focus groups, surveys etc.) or to work with users and develop with them the new knowledge products.

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