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Monday 23 November 2009

Talking to the press

In the end it is the change in habits of the people that is needed to combat climate change. That was the main message I prepared for my interviews with the press when I was two days in Madrid for talks at the Casa Encendida. I also had prepared some examples of why it is so difficult to change behaviour, especially with regard to climate change. And how communication could help in changing attitudes and support new practices. The Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente had organized several interviews. Via a two press agencies articles appeared in a series of news papeers, magazines and websites. E.g. in: Europa press, 15 September 2009 and Extremadura al día, 16 October 2009. My message on Copenhagen that politicians only take adequate measures, when their voters press for it, at least came over loud and clear. In hindsight I must say that talking to the press is still quite a learning experience for me. I feel more comfortable with strategizing or organizing a press conference.

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