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Thursday 30 October 2008

Web-based workshop reporting

A web based video report is very different from a hard copy presentation. The screen decides how we read. On a page you might put the contents in a strict order, each item below the other and starting from the left margin. On a screen the eye goes diagonally. So a table of contents can look very differently. I learned it is better to make the presentations of each speaker separately available: the ten minute time slots are easier to download. And again visual langauge is all about simple images, associative bridges and rythm. Soft and quiet music can help with moments of rest, after moments of concentrated listening. A blog is another form of reporting. The Woodrow Wilson Institute's blog The New Security Beat gave a very journalistic impression of our workshop. It also added a podcast with their own interview with one of the organizers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You did great choosing a beautiful piece of music to conduct the video. I think it is a very good video report, with interesting speeches and good images of the workshop and the participants.

In case you need a smaller version of it, you could create some texts (off narrator) to resume part of content that is the interviews in the actual version and edit the interviews.

My apologies for not giving you a feedback before... I could watch the video only today !