Internet notebook about my work: deep listening to facilitate positive change


Friday 11 July 2008


The dynamics of a knowledge network – inspiration, new ideas, new learning. - is rarely documented. Years later all that is often left are publications on a shelf, names in archives and myths and stories about the old days. But let it not be forgotten that individuals initiated actions promoting programs, projects and opportunities for many others to improve their knowledge, attitudes and skills. In an attempt to learn from the development of the CEC knowledge network over time we studied various records and questioned eye-witnesses . We were most interested in the main shifts in paradigms, commission goals and leading thinkers, and less in a detailed description of all past events. We came across many strengths and weaknesses of a formal and voluntary knowledge network. We hope this short history will provide new generations in CEC and IUCN with some idea of where it all started and what metamorphosis the Commission went through since the early days of IUCN. For us it has been an exciting learning exercise.

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