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Thursday 6 September 2007

Use of

Since the first of May the CEPA Toolkit had over three thousand visits, with an average of 26 a day. Click on the diagram to read the graphic. Visitors downloaded over 18 gigabytes of files. Mostly one or all of the four sections of the toolkit. People also downloaded videos, power point presentations and the glossaries. After the direct mail, most people found the site through the CEC website. Some found it through google search or this blog. The CBD website also has a link to the toolkit, but so far almost no one used this path.

Late April we mailed 1.000 potential users to launch the website. The CEC Newsletter featured the CEPA Toolkit with a special on 31 May. This may account for the relatively high number of visits in June. The holiday months show a natural decline. Over this four months twenty users sent in their reactions spontaneously. They liked the materials, but they would like the website to be upgraded so that the various fact sheets, examples and checklists are just a few clicks away. They also asked for translation and a hardcopy version. Many respondents would like to be able to upload their own resources.

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