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Sunday 24 May 2009

Towards viral fish campaigns?

Conservationists should not eat what they want to conserve. They should set an example, walk the talk. CEC member Harriet Nimmo had sent me a nice article about this. But then yesterday on the market - while eating a haring with my sister in law from Japan I realized that my eagerness to show off how we eat raw fish was stronger than my mindfulness of sustainability. I just did not know. Once at home I immediately looked at the Good Fish site of the North Sea Foundation: fortunately the haring was listed under the good fish. But it made me realize how useful it would be if sites like Good Fish, Fish Online and IUCN with its My Hotel in Action become more pro-active in their communication. Why not start a viral campaign among conservationists, consumers and suppliers (retailers, restaurants etc.) to spread this basic information?

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