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Friday 16 January 2009

Turning the Karwendel mountains into a PA

How to realize meaning ful participation of twelve stakeholders in the planning of a protected area? TThis is my feedback on the strategy designed by a student from Austria.
Good: I like a concise plan. In the introduction you describe the three objectives of the communication strategy: knowledge – attitude – action. The strategy is based on two way personal communication between initiators, government and key stakeholders. You describe the process from small talk to the real hard work in a working groups. You have understood that there is lot of ‘psychology’ involved in the process. You also have a reasonable estimation of costs.
To improve: A next time you could think through the process maybe a bit more in detail: now the planning seems very optimistic. These participatory approaches take much more time. A next time you also should think that your plan has to convince the decision makers to say yes to the plan and provide the budget and be willing to play some role in the implementation of the plan. That means investing in the presentation of your plan. A decision maker wants to be sure that he gets value for money. Your plan is concise – that is good, but it needs more information to base a decision on.

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