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Friday 16 January 2009

The case of Sargan-Mokra Gora

How can communication help to extend a recently established nature park? My feedback on a communication strategy by a Serbian student was as follows.
Good: Your paper shows you have internalized some of the theory of communication and its role in establishing or managing a PA. You describe well the situation of a PA in a country in transition. Public participation is often quite difficult under these circumstances, so a more instrumental use of communication might better work. You define a number of knowledge objectives for communication in terms of messages.
To improve: Action speaks louder than words. Since its establishment the PA already has communicated and established relationships as you describe in the 3rd paragraph of your introduction. Any communication strategy should build on this and involve the manager. As a film maker he should be aware that he is also a major communicator! Communication alone can do very little, it has to be integrated in all activities of the PA. Next to knowledge objectives you should also think in terms of attitude and action objectives for communication interventions.

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