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Sunday 9 November 2008

Carnaval as kick off to celebrate IYF

The United Nations have declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, as an issue that needs worldwide public awareness. The CBD Secretariat is in the lead and will provide countries with the logo and some other framework support to built awareness campaigns on. In our workshop we have a group interview with the CBD focal point to better understand the idea and context. Then we outline in groups a campaign strategy for three imaginary Caribbean islands: Bahiti, Trimaica and St David 1. The creativity of the groups led to three basic findings:
* the objectives are to raise public awareness: have a simple zero measurement in advance and another survey at the end (maybe just check how well known the word biodiversity is and what associations people have).
* link with local culture: have a kick off with carnaval, make biodiversity the theme for celebrations and formulate as central message: "biodiversity, that's us!" The more attractive the plan the easier to fundraise.
* use intermediairies: schools of journalism could make videos for TV that showcase positive change and could be exchanged with other countries; hotel associations and other business could organize biodiversity awards, NGOs could organize exhibitions of island biodiversity etc.

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