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Friday 26 October 2007

The success is in the preparation

“What will make our workshop a success?” My clients give me the design for a ‘closing’ workshop of their project. It starts with speeches of the VIPs and is followed by presentations of the major stakeholders. No interaction just a little space for questions. They expect between 100 and 150 participants. I have learned that the success of a workshop is in the preparation. And starts is with defining the objectives. This workshop should not be the end but the beginning. From now on the government and local stakeholders will start to implement what they have worked on in the project. So lets put the participants around tables in groupings of ten. Make the workshop into a moment where they share their commitments, discuss next steps, clarify mutual expectations, build and deepen relationships. Instead of presentations lets have a short video, an exhibition about local initiatives, panel discussions and informal interviews among the various tables. Lets have enough time for informal networking. And lets provide information to help with various next steps through one pagers in the workshop folder. The CEPA Toolkit contains in section 2 and section 3 further guidance on how to prepare and facilitate workshops.

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