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Sunday 15 December 2013

Ten principles and values of a consultant

Since many years when asked what I do for a living, I answer that I am an environmental  consultant, specialized in communication. Many of my colleagues focus on a specific discipline, e.g. branding, advertizing, facilitation or PR. I offer advice on all stages of the management cycle, always from the perspective of strategic communication, processmanagement and learning. I am not interested to become the best in my trade or to make a lot of money. I love to concentrate on results that make a difference to the client and to nature or sustainable development. In the plane a young professional asked me what my professional values were. I shared with him these ten principles and values that guide my work:
  1.     .   Love nature. Love people.
  2.       . Know your qualities and your limitations.
  3.       . Focus on the issue behind the question.
  4.       . Be humble and customer oriented.
  5.       . Always keep learning, view everyone as your teacher.
  6.       . Publicize the success of your clients.
  7.       . Dream the future, that will inspire others.
  8.       . Be honest and transparent and ask that from others too.
  9.       . Listen to your (ex) customers and their stakeholders to see what cannot be seen. 
  10.     Work hard, do not complain and give the credits to others.

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