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Monday 4 March 2013

Psychology for a Better World

Psychology offers three core ideas if you want to make a difference towards sustainabvility:
1. People are happiness seekers. Connecting with people's desire for happiness triggers positive change qualities like creativity, cooperation and openness to change. We need to appeal to these positive emotions.
2. People are social. People are natural imitators. People change behaviour to blend with their environment. Doing and viewing are overlapping brainprocesses. So play into the idea what is normal and make visible sustainable behaviours of individuals and organizartions, so that they become normal.
3. People want to be good. They want to protect innocent others, and to be fair to others. These moral behavours are very powerful. Frame issues as social justice and make people to live up to their values. What they do in their lifestyle, what they do in their organizations and what they do as members of civil society.
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