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Thursday 6 December 2007

Change through action

Often we think facilitated learning leads to change. This is only partly true, according to Oscar Motomura. He was speaking during one of the workshops at the Tiblisi+30 conference. He reminded us of the changes in young kids when they practice martial arts. It affects their attitude and behavior outside the dojo: it makes them look differently at parents and family. It influences their behavior in general: to be more mindful of their actions. I recognize this from my own rigourous practice in music as a kid. Knowledge in ESD - according to Oscar - comprises insights and know how based on action and practice. So in ESD we should not only concentrate on facilitating learning but also on action and practice. This resonated very much with me. Almost as an addition to my thoughts in earlier blog postings, e.g. learning: the missing link and a busines case for meditation.

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